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Week of work happiness

Actum 5

Because we as an organization attach importance to job happiness, we signed the Manifesto of Job Happiness on Monday, September 20. For some extra attention, we organized a contest, hung out compliments posters and provided a waffle, ice cream or soft drink for our Actummers. It turned out to be a happy week! But at Actum, it's actually a bit of Work Happiness Week every week.

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What makes our Actummers happy?
  • Great colleagues (and getting compliments)
  • Successfully completing a task
  • Learning new things and being able to help colleagues
  • Receiving responsibility and new challenges
  • To wear the Actum logo with pride
  • And so much more!
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We were selected as a happiness at work hero! Read more here. Are you looking for a technical challenge? Then Actum can make you (work) happy too.